Saturday, 20 August 2011

Barra de Navidad to San Juan de Almi

Thur 18th August

The day started lazily. Our kit hadn’t dried out so we decided to have a look around the town in daylight. Barra de Navidad was all San Blas could have been……

There are unspoilt beaches..........

The town is clean and well cared for with a certain sophistication but retaining its Mexican heritage and charm. There are no American shops or fast food restaurants here.

Even though this is the quiet season, the parasols have been put up..........

......... and the girls are still trying to sell their wares.

Apart from the beaches this is also a main centre for the sport fisherman (marlin & tuna etc) which is perhaps why it still attracts the American visitor in sufficient numbers (not that there were many about today)

Bob chose the hotel pool again rather than face the sun and heat and persuaded the hotel staff, Christina and Alheli, to have their photograph taken with his bike by promising a starring role on the blog (that boy will say anything for a free beer).

We eventually got on the bikes to leave and continued heading south along the coast.

Highlight of our short ride (about 100 miles) was when we stopped at a fruit stall. Fresh coconuts, mangos, pineapples, melons, kiwis and more exotic fruits were all available…….

……freshly cut and prepared by these young girls, who thought it hugely funny when three old gits who couldn’t speak the lingo descended on them and wanted to try everything and all for 15 pesos a pot.

We eventually got going again and stopped at a hotel on the beach in the middle of nowhere. Once unloaded it was straight into the warm Pacific Ocean.

Dinner was on the beach too, watching the sunset. This is one of those occasions when our nearest and dearest should be here to share the experience.

Now I'm sure you’ve all seen the out-takes on television where they show you clips that didn't quite work out. I'm inviting suggestions for a caption for this shot. The prize 'your name in lights on the blog and a couple of beers if we can get them to you. (Entries via the comment box)

A couple of Sumo wrestlers!! (don’t forget you can double click to enlarge if you must)


  1. I told you those concrete surf boards were no good,
    Richard. I want my beer air mailed at once!

  2. Where the FUCK are our bikes

  3. Unless you pull your shorts down your gonna get skid marks

  4. 2 British tourists try the all new method of Mexican colonnic irrigation...

  5. I just loved what you posted above, it was the best entry I have ever seen.