Saturday, 13 August 2011

El Fuerte

Fri 12th August

Today we stayed in El Fuerte and explored the city. There is a lot of history here although not too many of the old colonial buildings remain.

The city was founded in 1564 by the Spanish and became the most important commercial and agricultural centre of northern Mexico extending north at one time to what is now Arizona.

Terry and I went walkabout in search of a bank as we were getting a bit short. I didn't anticipate his light fingers but was impressed with his skill. Bob on the other hand took the sensible option and stayed out of the heat!! He also unfortunately needed to be near a loo too.

Me making an ad hoc addition to the statue outside of the city museum. We paid our entry fee of 50p and had a look around. It's in need of a new curator and an injection of money as I'm sure that there is more to offer the interested visitor than what is on offer at the moment.

The temperature was hot, hot, hot so we strolled down to the River at the bottom of town where we discovered the river walk.

These horses also thought it a trifle warm and just stood in the water, no doubt in an effort to cool down...........

.........Terry thought that was a good idea.

Believe it or not this vehicle and many like it are in daily use on Mexico's roads. Note the windscreen ventilation.

Time for a rest in the shade

Colourful wall decoration.

One of a few colonial buildings that remain in good condition. This courtyard is the same on all four sides and now houses the city's administration offices.

Tomorrow, stomachs allowing, we are starting to head south down the pacific coast towards Acapulco with the aim of getting to Mazatlan tomorrow.

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