Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Guerro Negro to Loreta

Mon 1st to Tues 2nd August

After a few adjustments on the bikes (exhaust down pipes working their way loose) we set off for Loreta.

The first 100 miles or so was just like this, flat with straight roads and nothing much to look at.

The ride was somewhat uninspiring so Bob thought he’d have a bit of dirt road practice for a change. (The Baja racers haven't too much to worry about just yet).

It wasn’t until coming off the high plains towards Santa Rosala that the view started to improve. The downside was the humidity rose dramatically and by the time we stopped for a drink every bit of us was soaking wet.

This industrial complex in Santa Rosala doesn't look like it has been used for years. As we've travelled down the peninsula the impression is that this part of Mexico has been in decline for some time. That said there seems to be a regeneration plan . Certainly lots of money is being spent on upgrading the main highway that runs the length of the peninsula (about 1000 miles) and we've seen intensive farming taking place in the North.

One of the few places we've seen fresh water. Nearly all of the river beds are bone dry.

Our first beach came into view and if we hadn't been running out of daylight, we would have all stripped off and dived in.

The look of competence on a motorcycle. A few minutes later the bike was on its side after it rolled off the stand again. Fortunately Bob & Terry were waiting at the bottom of the hill.

We arrived at Loreto as the sun was going down and found a hotel after directions from the local Police and on the recommendation of an Italian couple, we ate at 'Super Burro' where the meat was described as donkey! It tasted good whatever it may have been.

Tues 2nd August
It was our intention to ride on to La Paz today but Bob wanted to fix a small oil leak. By the time that was done, we decided to stay here for the day and get up early tomorrow before it starts getting too hot.

We spent an hour or two exploring the town. Loreto is the home of the first Jesuit mission established 1697. The mission remains largely unchanged and the area around it is picture card pretty with trees having been cultivated to form arches over the streets.

The Jesuit Mission (Our Lady of Loreto)

Terry wins the prize for being the first one of us to dip his toes in the Gulf of California.

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