Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Alamos to El Puerte

Tues 9th August

We decided to take the easy option today by riding to El Fuerte and taking the train to Creel (Copper Canyon) rather than ride direct to Creel which was the original plan. The easy options don’t necessarily work out that way. Our Sat Nav’s don’t have detailed maps of Mexico so we are now trying to follow paper versions. With our limited Spanish and the poor to non existent road signing, the first challenge was to get on the right road.

We managed that but found ourselves on a rough track, the very thing we were trying to avoid in the first place. Ah well all the best laid plans and all of that baloney.

So time to navigate the water hazards.............

.......... and enjoy the ride.

The paved road eventually reappeared but we missed a turning and ended up on highway 15. At least there were now some signs to follow but then the thunder and lightening started. This time we donned the wet gear but fortunately rode through the wet stuff quite quickly.

We eventually got to El Fuerte and negotiated ourselves a room in an average hotel (Hacienda, San Francisco) close to the city centre. The rain soon followed so exploring was delayed and beers obtained instead. A few were consumed before ‘Singing in the Rain’ was performed for the locals.

It was dark by the time we walked into town but hopefully we will get time to get a few photos of El Puerte on our return on Friday.

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