Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Mazatlan to San Blas

Mon 15th August

The last few days we’ve been permanently drenched in perspiration unless we’re in an air conditioned environment and the last thing we wanted to do was put all the motorcycle gear on again.

Leaving the chaos of city streets behind we rode south along Highway 15.…….

…….out into the country and eventually into the low lying flat lands and marshes. This is a big Mango growing area where mile after mile of orchards are cultivated. The fruit is ripening now and the stench of rotting mangos was a frequent smell as we rode through.

The man in the photo at the roadside stall where we stopped to buy some fruits was a slightly eccentric Ecuadorian whose favourite expression was ’Am I right or am I wrong”. Of course he was always right!! We were offered a bag of about 20 mangos for 20 pesos (£1) but with limited carrying capacity took only a few and made good our escape!

By the look of the amount of water about they seem to have lots of rain around here......

........ not quite sure how they get to this boat.

We rode into San Blas and started the search for one of the recommended hotels out of Lonely Planet but without street maps or detailed maps on the GPS it's like searching for a needle in a haystack.

We asked this local the way to Hotel 'Casa de la Cocadas'. He tried to explain bless him, realised he was getting nowhere, so jumped on his bike and beckoned us to follow. A few minutes later we were booked into a very comfortable room.........

..... and ringing wet with the high humidity, made straight for the pool.

After watching the sun go down, we made for a local bar to feed the soul.....

still not feeling 100%, I left the boys for my my bed!!

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  1. Wow man congratulations on your journey it would be great for me to ride all the highways on my bike, but first I should get a proper one because mine would't just bear the ride, i'd start from méxico df and then make my way down to the end of Argentina