Monday, 15 August 2011

El Fuerte to Mazatlan, Saturday 13th August

Having decided to travel the 460km to Mazatalan today we set off around 10.30 with 2 crook bikers & me, Bob had spent the previous day hovering around his favourite porcelain receptacle & Dave was acting like a zombie trying to avoid the same fate.

We set off down Mexican highway 15 & then 15D which is the ‘Motorway’ even though it was like a standard UK A road complete with pot holes, both unfortunatly were toll roads although what they spend the money on was a bit of a mystery.

The vista was rather flat & uninteresting with large areas of cultivation but judging by Dave’s lopsided riding style & Bob’s changes in velocity the two invalids were not enjoying their day & at one point we decided to stop short of our intended destination with a detour to El Dorado.

Dave assumes his normal position at each stop

We had hoped that El Dorado was a picturesque seaside town based on it’s name but it turned out to be a bit of a dump with the only Hotel wanting $70 US for a twin room, we therefore gave it a miss & carried on to Mazatlan with a now increased distance of 530km!!

Bob was on a liquid diet drinking at every stop but Dave was on total abstinence & just passed out at every opportunity including when we arrived at the Hotel La Siesta where he crashed out half dressed for 12 hours, no shower, no food!!!

Our three bikes were parked inside the Hotel & immediately Walter & Heidi two German travellers came up to us & asked us where we were traveling, we were still unpacking so Bob & myself said we would meet them in the bar (1st sign that Bob was getting better).

3 BMW's next to the fountain in the Hotel

As arranged Walter & Heidi appeared halfway through our first Negro Modelo & it soon became apparent that they were seasoned travellers & had spent the last 20+ years visiting all parts of the world every summer during their 5 week school vacation as they were both teachers.

Their mode of travel varied from Motorbike (Africa Twin) to Mercedes & Peugeot cars but they now travel by local buses that they say are fantastic particularly in South America, thanks guys for some of the tips & places to visit & we look forward to seeing your collection of sands some time.

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  1. I hope everyone is feeling better. Just got back from a nice evening ride over Monitor Pass and back. Still lots of snow up high. Thanks for keeping up with this. I know it is a lot of work, but I am sure enjoying the write ups and photos. Best to all. Eric