Sunday, 14 August 2011

Getting Along Just Fine

We are 3 months in to our journey and still as lethargic as ever. They blame it on the heat!
Getting moving in the morning is a little difficult. The other 2 just will not move there backsides, at least till 8.00am or later. Where as I'm rearing to go at 7.00am.
We are getting along just fine by shouting abuse at each other which just about gets the message across, no point being subtle with each other, it just doesn't work.

We couldn't find the rope or Zip ties in time

I'm personally looking forward to Carol, Anne, Keith & Dianne coming out to meet us in the CanCun area in September. The main reason for there visit is to help Carol & I celebrate our 40th. Wedding anniversary, well I hope that’s why they are coming. They may just be coming to top up the tan and drink Margaritas all day while lounging around the pool. Sounds like some sort of torture to me although I could deal with the Margaritas.

here is what they look like and they take a bit of getting used to!

Well you all appreciate how well Dave takes photo's but that all takes time so I end up hanging around or repeatedly doing the same tricks over and over again. Just for once I was left to rest in the shade while Dave went off doing his David Bailey thing. 

photo courtesy of Ashley, A young lady photographer we met.

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