Saturday, 6 August 2011

La Paz to Topolobampo (via Ferry)

Thur 4th to Sat 6th August

This morning we set about obtaining Vehicle Permits and Ferry tickets to Topolobampo. In the end it took most of the day having gone to several offices and eventually the terminal. Everyone has been friendly and very helpful. We managed to negotiate our way with our tiny amount of Spanish and the goodwill of the people behind the desks. When that failed other people waiting who could speak English came forward and helped to translate. We are now in possession of vehicle permits and hopefully our ferry is booked for Saturday night. All the cabins were sold so we have resigned ourselves to spending the night up on deck (which may well be the better option with the current heat and humidity).

Fri 5th

Today we finished off the Baja peninsular by riding the loop at the bottom and visiting their Riviera, the Cabo’s, which are full of hotels, houses, apartments, golf courses and beaches.

The road and scenery was much like the rest of the Baja with lots of road works and some long stretches of dirt where they're completely replacing sections. I suspect the upgrading is to encourage more Americans to buy properties or holiday down here.

It is the hot period and therefore quiet. Most sane people come here later in the year when it is cooler and less humid. We didn't have that choice but the benefit is that there aren’t many tourists about so everywhere, including the beaches are quiet.

We crossed the Tropic of Cancer on the way but saved the customary three duckings until we went swimming.

Cabo San Lucas, just about the most southerly point on the peninsular, is where we stopped for a swim. Most of the beaches are privately owned by the resorts and apartment complexes but we found signs for ‘The Public Beach’ which was as good as any of the others……..

There was no need need for persuasion to strip off and get into the water here. Getting out and dressed in motorcycle gear again was another matter.

The beach was shared with the pelicans who didn’t seem at all concerned by our presence.

'Bob on the Rocks' (no further comment necessary)

Bob’s having great difficulty keeping himself out of the sun We couldn’t get him into a Burka but this was the next best thing.

We had one other stop to make, Hotel California in Todos Santos. Rumours abound that it was the hotel that inspired the famous song by the Eagles. I'm told it's not true but it hasn't stopped the hotel making lots of money out of it.

Sat 6th

We negotiated with the hotel to stay for the day and use their facilities until we board the ferry tonight. There were things to do on the bikes, family to skype, blog to write, washing to do and all those other bits that need attention now and again.

Hopefully we will be on mainland Mexico and heading for Copper Canyon when the next entry appears.

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  1. What a fun trip. Just so you know, all the beaches, at least in Baja, are owned by the people and not private. Even resorts on the beach must provide access to the public.