Thursday, 22 September 2011

San Christobal

Wed 21st September

San Christobal is a popular stopping place for travellers. It may have something to do with the climate. We are at around 7000 ft here and the temperatures are on the cool side, in fact quite chilly compared to what we have experienced in recent weeks which is a very pleasant change.

The downside is that this area has the highest annual rainfall of anywhere in Mexico and today was no exception as you can see. Dull, grey and wet.

Many of the indigenous population here in the Chiapas region continue to wear traditional dress on a daily basis, just about the only area in Mexico where they continue to do so.

The historic centre has retained much of its Spanish colonial architecture with narrow cobblestone streets and red tiled roofs and is considered the cultural capital of the region. However, much has been turned into restaurants and cafes to service the tourist industry.

Some colour on a street sellers stall.

The picture that pretty much sums up the day. Tomorrow we leave San Christobal and head for the Guatemala border at Las Champas.

Whilst at Playa del Carmen we took the opportunity to service the bikes (oil changes etc). I had been suffering an oil leak from the timing chain cover through a damaged stud and had tried, unsuccessfully, to stem the flow a couple of times.

John Shill has been a great assistance back in the UK. Among other things he went around to Bob’s and removed a stud and nut from the spare engine and gave it to Carol to bring out. I now have a clean, leak free engine. Many thanks.

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