Thursday, 8 September 2011

Bacalar to Playa del Carmen

Wed 7th September

With just a 175 miles to go to get to Playa del Carmen and all day in which to do it, we thought we had plenty of time.

Consequently we lazed about all morning, walked into town for a late breakfast and watched the Moto GP that Terry had downloaded.

When we eventually got going we stopped at Cenote Azul just a couple of miles down the road to view the blue waters of the 90 metre deep, fresh water pool. These limestone holes are a phenomenon throughout the Yucatan Peninsula and are popular places for swimming and diving.

We left rather later than we should have to get to our resort hotel in time to welcome Carol, Diane & keith. They've flown over to celebrate Bob and Carol’s 40th wedding anniversary and Anne is also flying in on Saturday.

Determined to get there before Carol, we rode the 175 miles with just one short stop for a drink. We were at the barrier arguing with the security guard who was very reluctant to let three scruffy blokes on three filthy old motorcycles into his five star resort. I can sort of understand that especially as we had nothing on us to say we had booked in. We were still there blocking the entrance when the coach pulled in behind with Carol and the others on board.

We are now on holiday (I know we’ve been on holiday since we started four months ago) but this is holidaying in the conventional sense with sun, sand an sea and as much food and drink as we can stomach as it's all inclusive.

The blog is also taking a holiday. There maybe the odd entry but normal service will be resumed in about ten days. Aren’t you lucky!

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