Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Panajachel (unplanned extra day)

Mon 26th September

The plan was to leave Panajachel and ride to Antiqua today but once again the plans had to change because Bob’s sat nav bracket hadn’t been returned from the locksmiths by the promised10am.

The clouds had already gathered around the volcano (7.30am).

In the end we decided to stay another day and Terry and I decided to go to a nature reserve whilst Bob waited for the bracket to turn up.

Atitlan nature reserve was more a trail through the jungle and across chasms.....

.......and waterfalls. We did see a couple of spider monkeys up in the trees but not much else from the animal world……..

We didn’t see many birds either but butterflies were quite prolific.

The most impressive part was the jungle itself. It was a bit like being in the domes of the Eden Project. The roots from this tree looked they had melted over the rocks.

Back in town it's the colourful textiles that are all over the place. It is the main source of income and we have already met several people who are here to buy wholesale for their businesses back home. It is good quality at cheap prices. Unfortunately we haven't any room in our panniers.

As you can see we are losing weight quickly with the local diet!

Bob’s sat nav bracket has been returned and is now on his bike with a new lock fitted so we'll try for Antiqua again in the morning.

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