Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Palenque to San Christobal

Tue 20th September

In the morning we said our farewells to the Globebuster boys not expecting to see them again as they will moving more quickly than us (little did we know they would delay our first beer of the evening).

Our morning was spent exploring the Mayan ruins at Palenque another World Heritage Site. This is the fifth site we've visited recently and whilst they are all different and interesting, we are all starting to feel a little Temple’d out.

Crossing the river to the temples. We haven’t started the climb yet and Terry is already soaked with the humidity but Bob still wore his m/cycle jacket in case he slipped!

The waterfalls on the bottom path to the Mayan ruins.

Temple of Inscriptions that contains the tomb of 'Pakal the Great'

In the heat and humidity it is hard work going up and down all these steps.

Temple of the Cross.

View from the top of the Temple of the Cross.

We got back to the hotel and loaded the bikes for the ride to San Christobal. We left a little after 1330hrs expecting the 140 miles to take about 3 hours..........Ha Ha

In fact it was 140 miles of twisty, tope ridden road that took five hours to ride...... were washed away and the odd tree partially blocking it.

If it wasn't trees, it was blocked by vehicles. No one spoke a word of English so we have no idea what the protest was about but after a bit of handshaking and ‘Viva Mexico’ they let us through then blocked it off again.

Although we arrived in San Christobal as the sun was setting, the hotel we had earmarked was full (a first on this trip). Unknown to us the Globebusters tour riders were filling up the bar and had booked all the rooms. By the time we had found our way through the one way systems to our second choice, it was pitch black and definitely time for a beer!

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