Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Catemaco to Escarcega

Mon 5th September

Fortunately today was a little less exciting than yesterday. Bob didn’t have any serious issues with his bruises or grazes, managing over two hundred miles without much difficulty.

It isn’t often you ride that far without going up or down at least one hill. Today’s route followed the Gulf coast again along highway 180 through an extensive inland water and marsh area. Nowhere was more than a couple of feet above sea level and almost everywhere, other than the towns and roads was waterlogged.

When checking Lonely Planet (2008, our latest copy) it said that the area had suffered extensive flooding from storms and they were unable to get into it to research, so no info. I suspect that’s not an uncommon problem and a boat or web feet is a necessity to live hereabouts.

One of the beaches taken from a bridge (possibly our highest point all day)

Terry riding into Sabancy

You can never tell how long a stretch of road is going to take to ride by looking at a map. Today we had a long stretch of main highway where only the base layer was down and a thin film of slippery mud from recent rain reduced our speed to a crawl. The bikes looked like they had been powder coated cream by the time we finished.

It is hot and humid, and shade is at a premium. I only stopped to take a quick picture but it was long enough for matey here to spot and make use of it.

Our destination tonight was Escarcega. There is no western influence here and is, I suspect, well off the tourist trail. I think we were novelties when we went out to find some dinner. At a local eatery (we were the only customers), Oscar, a Mexican who had lived in the States for a few years and spoke a bit of English came over to our table and stayed with us the whole time we were there.

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