Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Campeche to Palenque

Mon 19th September

Our arrival at Campeche was greeted with a rainstorm and we were drenched once again by the time we found our hotel. It seems the norm at the moment to get a soaking just before we arrive. Not a problem apart from trying to dry out all the gear for the next day. With umbrellas up we ventured out to find something to eat.

Campeche has been designated a World Heritage Site and as usual the square is the focal point for eateries as well the cathedral...........

........ and other prominent buildings

In the morning we spent a couple of hours sightseeing before starting the 230 mile ride to Palenque.

Campeche was founded in 1540 and was later fortified to protect the city from marauding pirates and buccaneers including our own Sir Francis Drake who attacked it a number of times.

The buildings are colourful. The city has spent lots of money renovating and painting the frontages within the fortified limits no doubt to attract the tourists.

Terry posing with a local fisherman.......

..........and a local walking past our hotel.

We eventually got on the road and spent most of our time on main highways like the one above. For a while we retraced the route we had ridden when crossing the Yucatan to get to Playa del Carmen.......

.......and also skirted the Gulf of Mexico for a while which was like a mill pond.

Yet again the heavens opened as we neared our destination. On arrival at our hotel in Palenque we were greeted with the sight of about 17 BMW bikes with mainly British and Irish plates. They're all on the Globebusters Tran Americas tour riding from Alaska to the bottom in 20 weeks. Not an old airhead amongst them just 1150/1200 and the new 800 GS's It seemed a little surreal, like being back home. Needless to say stories were swapped whilst beer lubricated the vocal cords before falling into bed.

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