Sunday, 18 September 2011

Playa del Carmen to Chichen Itza

Thur 8th to Sat 17th September

We were like cats that have been given the cream. A luxury all inclusive break in the Gulf of Mexico shared with our nearest and dearest.

The beach was white sand and the sea turquoise blue and warm.........

............with enough sunbeds to have at least five each.

Just in case you didn’t like salt water or sand between your toes, there were fresh water swimming pools.

As much food and drink as you could consume was available 24hrs a day in one of the numerous restaurants serving fare from all over the world.

The rooms were comfortable and you could leave them whenever you wanted.

Escorted excursions were available to various local attractions and activities.

and numerous animals had been imported onto the site for the residents enjoyment. In fact all ones needs were catered for!!

After a few days we started to get our suspicions. The first warning sign was when we saw the golf buggy driving around the place and a big ball stopping you wandering off too far!

Then we had to have haircuts (scary looking or what). If you are British and old enough you may remember the television series ‘The Prisoner’ starring Patrick Mc Goohan and filmed at Portmeirion. (google it if you're not)

On Saturday morning we made our escape bid and dropped Anne off at the airport before continuing our journey to Chichen Itza to see one of the new seven wonders of the World!!

Seriously though we had a great break, swimming every day and piling the pounds on with all that food and drink. Thanks to Carol, Anne, Diane and Keith for making it so enjoyable and a break from the all male company. Hope it's not too cold or wet now you're all back home

The bikes that never go wrong. A bit of checking after my oil pressure warning light kept coming on (at tickover). It was after dark when we eventually arrived at Chichen Itzu, so our first view of the Mayan temples will be tomorrow morning.

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