Thursday, 26 January 2012

A Sad Day As We Say Goodbye To Our Kiwi Companion Roger

Sunday 22nd January

Following our decision to try & stick to paved roads we are heading to Chile Chico via a ferry from Puerto Ibanez, when we get to the port at around 11am we find out it does not cross the lake until 8pm, time for  re-think! The road to the port however was again blessed with great scenery.

There should be a ferry here, we thought there was a sailing every hour or so, WRONG! Roger is however sticking to his original itinerary so we say our goodbyes, hopefully we will see him again.

Having worked out a new route to Perito Moreno our new destination back in Argentina we set off after lunch, we ordered a toasted cheese & tomato sandwich & got beef (our Spanish is not as good as we thought!), is this a sign of what is to come? 

Finally I stop to take a picture of a Condor, their gliding prowess is incredible.

At the border crossing, this road is supposed to only have a short section of ‘ripio’ but we have either missed it or gone the wrong way, OK, another 200km of gravel & then Ruta 40, will it be paved or not?

We begin to see a few signs like this one at the border in the middle of nowhere, I guess we are in the part of Argentina closest to the Islands.

Desert scrubland again, what will Ruta 40 bring? Finally we find out, it’s ripio with about another 100km to our destination ;-(

What’s this? roadwork’s on the left hand side & some black stuff, we find a route across & ride some brand new tarmac not yet open, it takes us all the way to our destination, Great!  You can see how pleased we were as I forgot to level the camera.

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