Monday, 2 January 2012

Christmas in Sucre

Friday 23rd To Monday 26th December

Where has all the traffic gone?

Sucre is so different to La Paz, no street sellers, you can walk on the pavement & the colectivos are missing, peace at last!

Another white colonial town, this one with it’s own mini Eifel tower, look who we bumped into again, our friends from Holland.

The Netherlands is a common theme in this city with our Hotel & several of the best Restaurants being run by citizens from our European neighbour, Dave enjoys a Strawberry Mint drink in one of them.


Someone is giving away toys, the word soon gets around & the indigenous locals appear for the hand-out.


Some families spend Xmas on the street, the world is not a fair place & at this time of year it brings the inequality home.

Midnight mass at the Cathedral brings out the band & a procession through the streets, not sure why Mary & Joseph along with the 3 Kings all had wings! We prefered to go for drinks in the 'Joy Ride' bar & enjoy Happy Hour from 12pm.

We book Christmas dinner at ‘Florin’s’ (you guessed it, Dutch owned) with Michele & Paul plus an Aussie lady Francesca, Turkey with stuffing & a bottle or two of Chilean red, great!

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