Monday, 9 January 2012

Antofagasta to Bahia Inglesa (English Bay)

 Thursday 5th January

Leaving Antofagasta on Route 5 we soon reach ‘The Hand of The Desert’ (Mano del Desierto), I know this is on every travel blog of South America but we can’t be any different & must stop for the standard photo, the 11m high sculpture does look impressive.

Long straight desert roads again before we turn West towards the coast & our destination for the day.

Having a beer at the ‘Dome’ bar in Bahia Inglesa, we also find out that the Dakar Rally will pass within a few miles tomorrow, we may get to see some of it!! Now we know why there are lots of bikes & sand buggies in the town.

Dave finds a nice spot to chill out, the 2CV & Beetle also look pretty cool.

This part of Chile with yellow sand & rugged rocks is very scenic & reminiscent of some parts of the SW of the UK (without the Desert of course).

Roger puts his Mount Maunganui lifesaving prowess to good use on the lookout over the beach.

Look what he finds!! One for the boys to brighten up the UK winter.

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