Friday, 7 October 2011

Matagalpa to Granada

Thur 6th October

Our plan today was to ride the 90 miles or so to the old Spanish colonial city of Granada via Highway one and four.

Overlooking Matagalpa from our hotel up on the hill. The town is a regional centre for the important coffee growing industry and is considered Nicaragua's second most important city.

We attracted plenty of attention from the other residents who were here attending a seminar and field study into forestry and agriculture around the area.

Workers spreading coffee beans to dry.

Riding through Sebaco. The pedal taxis are a popular way of moving people and goods about around here.

Straight out of a Jane Austen movie. Horses are commonly used by the poor farmers as transport and to do their work, however, I suspect these two don't get their hands dirty very often.

....and still not a pothole in sight

A local watching the World go by

We arrived in Granada just before the afternoon rains so at least we didn't get wet. However, unfortunately we were confined to the hotel drinking beer until the rain stopped and by that time it was dark!!

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