Saturday, 15 October 2011

Jaco to Golfito

Thurs 13th & Fri 14th October

We have a few days in hand before we need to be in Panama City so decided to stay a second night to dry everything out..... again.

Jaco may not be the prettiest town..................

...................nor does it have the best beach in the World but it had everything we needed. If the shops are anything to go by the town survives on surfers but there weren't many of those about either.

Thursday, and we were hopeful of a better day. Although there was no sign of the sun it wasn’t raining and we decided to do the touristy bit and go down the ‘longest zip wire in the Pacific'. It has been constructed in the mountains behind the town and promises sightings of colourful birds, monkeys and panoramic views of the coast, however, within an hour the mountains had disappeared in cloud and once again we were being treated to a soaking. Strangely the zip wire suddenly didn’t seem quite so attractive and much of the day ended up being spent around the hotel.

Friday we left Jaco and took the coast road (highway 34) towards Golfito and the Panama border...........

The joke was wearing a bit thin when it started chucking it down again shortly after we set off. What took 36 hours to dry out was soaked again within a few minutes.

On a sunny day it would have been a lovely road to ride with some great scenery…...

…… instead we watched the rain from beneath garage forecourts and caused much amusement when wringing out our gloves.

Costa Rica I’m sure is a beautiful Country but it has rained heavily for virtually the whole time we have been here and consequently we have seen very little of what it has to offer. Lets hope things get better in Panama!

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