Monday, 10 October 2011

Granada to San Juan Del Sur

Sat 8th & Sun 9th October

We are heading for the Pacific coast at San Juan Del Sur today, primarily for a change of scenery but also to put us within a stones throw of The Costa Rica border which we intend tackling Monday morning. All the reports indicate that this border (the only one between the two Countries) is the busiest and most disorganised in Central America and is likely to take some time to get through.

Leaving the relative calm of Granada’s Historic Centre we weaved our way through the chaotic streets where all the locals seem to carry out their daily business.

Granada disappeared and was replaced by tropical vegetation and villages of small concrete dwellings and wooden shacks with corrugated tin roofs that are the norm here. The surprise was when we suddenly rode out into open grassland with trees and hedges. It’s at these times you realise and appreciate what you have on your own doorstep.

In the distance we could see the imposing sight of 'Volcan Concepcion'! As we only had a relatively short distance to ride today we decided to take a detour and try to get a closer look. In the end we couldn't get that close as it was on an Island in the middle of the 'Lago de Nicaragua' but it did provide a good backdrop for the group shot, thanks to the 'gorilla pod'

We arrived in San Juan mid afternoon and after checking in wandered the one block down to the beach. Straw roofed restaurants and bars lined the front…….

…… and the locals showed off their skills on the sand.

Many of the buildings in the town are painted in pretty colours giving a cheerful feel to the place and after a quick walk around we headed for one of the many beachfront bars for a beer……..

………… and the sunset.

Sunday, both Terry and I wandered off with the intention of getting up to San Juan’s answer to the statue of ‘Christ the Redeemer’ that overlooks Rio de Janerio (see the speck on top of the hill)

Neither of us managed to find our way to the top. Terry was more tenacious and got a lot closer………

...........whilst I settled for the local church.

It was a rush back down as some serious weather was starting to close in. Visibility diminished to the extent that you couldn’t see the hill, from the beach let alone the statue.

Inevitably the heavens opened for a few hours and there was nothing to do other than watch it from the relative dry of one of the beach front bars. Even the deck chairs need umbrellas out here!!

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  1. Good to meet you guys at the lake. Photo is good. Much better than we could have done. Following your blog with interest. We had a great time in Leon and Granada. Are back in San Jose waiting for our flight to be called. Best wishes.