Thursday, 13 October 2011

Liberia to Jaco

Tues 11th & Wed 12th October

Today started much the same as yesterday ended, raining. We had decided to stay here a second night hoping to visit some of the parks and coast nearby. However, our kit hadn’t dried out from yesterday and none of us relished the idea of putting it on and going off sightseeing in the rain, so we stayed in town. Liberia is not a particularly inspiring city, more a commercial centre and hub for visiting the nearby beaches and parks.

Terry practising being a pizza chef during a brief interlude from the rain!

There was some good news. Stahlratte got back to us and said they have had a couple of cancellations and if one of us didn’t mind sleeping on a couch they could fit us on the crossing leaving Panama on the 25th. We booked the spaces so now have a timetable to be in Panama City around the 21st.

Packing the bike for another wet day on the road.

Wednesday and it's still raining (don't know whether it has made the news at home but Central America is being lashed with tropical storms at the moment and at least seventeen people have died as a result). First stop was the health clinic so that Terry & Bob could get their last Hep B vaccinations. From there we headed South on Highway One towards San Jose and then Highway 34 to the Pacific coastal town of Jaco. The rain didn't let up from start to finish, only the intensity varied from heavy to monsoon like. It is our third day in Costa Rica, a supposedly beautiful Country with unspoilt tropical rain forests and palm lined sandy beaches. So far it has been a bit of a wash out for us, with the Country shrouded in rain clouds and visibility non existent for much of the time.

Our cameras stayed stayed in our pockets. Try this link for some photos of the region at the moment:

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