Tuesday, 12 June 2012

To Catch the Ship

Friday 24th to Saturday 25th February

Zarate is only 90km along the River Plate from Buenos Aries but it will take Bob & Dave on the ship 4 days due to the high cost of remaining docked in BA & the availability of a berth at Zerate.
My ride from BA only took a couple of hours through a very uninteresting landscape, for hundreds of km’s towards Paraguay lies a huge area of pampas but at least I discovered where Elephant grass comes from.

The town of Zerate once again highlights the way the Argentinians keep their old cars on the road, spotting these old vehicles keeps me amused as the boarding is delayed again until Sunday, you don’t see many Cortina Mk3’s in regular use here in the UK!

The infrastructure around BA was constructed by the British with a good example being the Post boxes, a local mod to the lock keeps it going. 

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