Tuesday, 12 June 2012

David Alan Walker, April 28th 1951 – May 15th 2012

Sad News

Just seven weeks after our return to the UK it was a sudden & totally unexpected shock to learn that our fellow travel companion Dave Walker collapsed & died while out jogging near his home on the 15th May.

Dave was always smiling, a true friend & a great travel companion who towards the end of our 11 month trip was looking forward to being re-united with the love of his life Anne.

Dave will be greatly missed by everybody that knew him as well as his friends & family including the 2 grandchildren born in January whilst he was in Santiago, Chile.

We met many fellow travellers during our trip & I’m sure that you all remember Dave, his journey will now continue in all of our thoughts.

Dave in the centre with Bob & myself at the end of the road ‘Tierra del Fuego’

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  1. How can I contact David Alan Walker by email ??? thanks for information ... Stefano