Thursday, 29 December 2011

La Paz to Potosi – And a few problems!!


On the road again, an early start today as we have to cover around 550km to Potosi with no decent towns in between for a midway stop, I’ve now renamed the road as ‘The Road of One Thousand Outstretched Hands’  as the whole route is lined with children begging passing travellers with upturned palms or hats.

Most of the road across the altiplano is straight & boring at a height of around 12,500ft as you approach Potosi however the road improves with some real big sky views.
We hit a few problems today,  first we wasted about an hour in Oruro looking for fuel as since the 1st December only certain garages can sell petrol to tourists in Bolivia at an inflated price of over double what the locals pay (Bs 8.96 a litre), after about 6 attempts we finally located one that would serve us. 
Second & more significantly we arrived in Potosi at 7.30pm just as it was turning dark to find Dave was missing. 2.5 hours later after much waiting & backtracking he finally appeared, he had lost his Kriega belt containing all his travel documents, camera & memory cards, now you know why the Blog is behind & I’m doing it!

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