Friday, 11 November 2011


Thur 10th November

Not the most exciting picture I know. We had only expected to be here the one night but the gremlins have struck again..........

Our home for a while

Terry's tappets on the right cylinder had become noisy over the last couple of days and he wanted to check and adjust them before we set off for Ipiales near the Ecuadorian border today. A little while later he came in with the news that we weren't going anywhere and dropped a handful of needles on the table that he had found in the rocker cover from a collapsed bearing in the exhaust rocker arm.
After much discussion and advice from our Danish host, an arm and bearings is being DHL'd from good old Motorworks in the UK. Only time will tell how long it takes so in the meantime we are stuck here. Food parcels will be gratefully received.


  1. Hi
    We saw you in Golden BC Canada in May !!!
    and we are flying to Quito Thurs. and will stay at our son in Otavalo on the Pan am Hy .
    maybe see you driving by .

  2. Sorry to hear about the bike issue. Might be ok to take a bit of a rest. Happy late birthday to Bob. I've been in Ft Lauderdale for a week and am just now getting caught up with you guys. Good luck. eric