Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Cartagena to nr Taraza (Bob's Birthday)

Mon 7th November

We celebrated Bob’s birthday on our last night in Cartagena by going to a German bar and eating English Fish and Chips (not sure that is embracing the local culture but it was very good). Although it was still the 6th here, it was already his birthday in the UK so we didn't need any further excuse to start the celebrations. If you were somehow unaware it was his birthday, you can send him your best wishes and promises of a pint or two by email or skype and we’d like to know where you’ve been hiding.

Happy birthday Bob - he doesn't look too happy about it.

Monday dawned and we finally started the South American part of our journey. The pressure to get on our way was rising, as apart from getting down to Ushuaia whilst the weather is still reasonable, dates for returning to the UK are being negotiated. Miles, who we met on Stahlratte, gave us a contact for getting the bikes and ourselves back to the UK from Buenos Aires by cargo boat and we are currently discussing availability.

Today was a riding day and apart from a couple of short stops for refreshments we were in the saddle all day riding the main highway from Cartagena towards Medellin. We covered around 280 miles which must be one of the longest distances we have managed in a day. Not terribly exciting and no one stopped for photos, so Bob has centre stage but we couldn't quite let him have it all to himself…..

an antidote to the first shot!

….. We were expecting lots of jungle in Colombia so it surprised us that we saw so many large wealthy cattle ranches with pristine herds today.

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