Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Don't Panic Mr Mannering

Panic, whose panicking. Bob might wait until April but I’m a gibbering idiot already (some say that’s normal). My advice to anyone planning a big trip is to start early because as sure as eggs is omlettes, something will blow the timetable to bits. The recent unexpected death of my dad has put lots of extra spanners in my plans (some unkind souls say I never had any in the first place).

We have owned these wonderful, reliable, never go wrong pieces of German engineering for over 18 months now and here is a picture of my mine as it is today (I’m sure that’s where the petrol tank goes). The rest of my planning is at an equally advanced stage. Anyone know where I can get a decent sleeping bag for a good price? The flight is booked for the 7th May and somehow I've got to be on the plane. Help……


  1. Hi Bob, sorry to hear about your dad. Your bike looks a bit like ours at the moment!! It is sleeping happily beside my bed with a defunct 'bean can'. Don't forget to take a spare one on your trip!! A good place to buy a sleeping bag is REI, (a co-op) found all over the USA-if you can wait that long. We ditched our UK bags as they weren't up to the job. Well we gave them to REI as they distribute used gear to charity groups. The flagship store is in Seattle. Great prices, excellent quality and if you don't like what you buy, or if there is any other problem take it back and they will swap it, wherever you are in the USA. No questions asked. Also whatever you spend you accrue a £ bonus which they send you at the end of the year. We have shopped with them a few times throughout the trip. They ask you to join their co-op for about a fiver, so you can benefit from your purchases. It is a great place to buy camping stuff. And they always seem to have a nearly new department where you can by top notch gear for a fraction of the usual price. Here's the website: http://www.rei.com/
    Good luck with the preparations :)

  2. We hope this bike can be put back together by May 7th, currently looks like an explosion in a motor bike shop, good luck with it.