Monday, 21 February 2011

bike preparation takes time

Skip this if you don't want to know about the bikes.

Well I thought a few words on what we have done to the bikes in order to get them ready. Firstly to put you in the picture of the state they were in despite the low readings on the odometer, 13000km.
Plenty of dents in the tanks but that was obvious, front brake calliper leaking fluid, I had a cracked timing chain cover, Dave had a cracked cylinder head while Terry had a gearbox end cover that needed replacement.

I felt the need for a better alternater so fitted the Enduralast permanent magnet type which has a remote mounted rectifier/regulater and so eliminates the diode board within the engine covers. All three of us fitted the Nippon Denso starter as it is lighter, spins faster and weighs less than the originals. We have fitted new batteries and surefoot type sidestands.
By far the most expensive outlay was for the work done by Ernie of " Overland Solutions". this involved getting the bikes to Sheerness and having a complete new rear subframe with Pannier frames and Boxes made to our sizes. Also Engine Protection Bars (crash bars) and headlight racks made for our bikes, then transport the bikes back to home.
The next job was bike insurance, MOT and then register the bikes and getting a number plate sorted.
In November I did the Hippo Rally in Cornwall to get a least one shakedown trip under my belt.
Now playing with extra power sockets, day running lights both front and rear, and to power them safely a "Fuzeblock" which has given me some hassle trying to fit it all.
Doing this and trying to earn some money is a right pain.
Work certainly gets in the way of living!

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