Friday, 1 April 2011

Lock, Stock and .............

The work continues. The poor old girl (nothing poor about her, it’s me that’s applying for benefits) hasn’t seen the outside of the garage for sometime now. She has just had her sticky out bits enhanced (changed) after Terry’s bike was trailered to the Boxer Man in Leicester. Phil’s prognosis was that his bike wouldn’t get off life support without radical surgery. He had never seen barrels so badly worn. Head Honcho mechanic Bob thought (bad move) that as all three bikes had similar history, mileage etc that investigative surgery on the other two was required. The result, six new barrels were ordered along with the necessary ancillary bits and bobs (no pun intended). If you play the stock market here’s some info that hasn’t reached the market yet. “BMW profits will be considerably ahead of expectations this year after three mad Englishmen decided to make three bikes out of spare parts (Buy).

Alongside the mechanical work Rob (my daughters other half) has been performing a starring role (thank you). He has been travelling down from Wales (or is it across) and building an auxiliary wiring circuit to wire in the Sat Nav, heated clothing (yes I am a whimp), auxiliary lights and sockets etc. While I’m on the acknowledgement bit, I’d also like to say a big thank you…….. to Anne and all my family and friends (I have one somewhere) who have offered and are going to support my mum (who has dementia) so that I can make this trip. Big, big, big thank you.

Keep watching this space. Will I get to Christen Roberta before leaving the UK or are workshop facilities going to be required in Calgary? It‘s getting to be a close call.


  1. Just been out to dinner (one of the last chances!)with the darling man (this is Anne typing) - had a lovely evening, including a discussion about the possibility of going out the weekend before he leaves to buy a bike that will get him more than two miles down the road!!! Bahnstormers, I hope you have something suitable in stock!

  2. The trouble with a new bike is you have nothing to do ecept ride the thing. It must get boring after a while, but when it does go wrong you can't do anything about it.

  3. have a nice ride, safety first....
    i'm R65GS user from indonesia

  4. Thanks robwa.
    do you ride in Indonesia or originate from there.
    How come there is an R65GS out there?